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ElectriPlast's exclusive Flexible Content Technology allows for precise matching of performance goals and desired costs. This ability to tune shielding and conductivity properties directly to the application will always provide the best overall competitive advantage.

Integral Announces Launch of Hanwha L&C’s ElectriPlast® Line
The Leader in Conductive Plastic Design

The key to success lies within the pellet. It's patented dimensions and manufacturing process provides a consistent and simplified molding process giving our customers the ability to move quickly and implement new designs at a lower cost to the marketplace.

Integral Announces Launch of Hanwha L&C’s ElectriPlast® Line
Proven Engineering Experience When It Counts

ElectriPlast understands that it takes proven strategies to develop, test, and implement a design to market. We are here to help. Our Engineering and Technology Support Team can help bring your ideas to life and provide you the competitive advantage for the future.

Integral Announces Launch of Hanwha L&C’s ElectriPlast® Line
Conductive Plastic Innovation & Development

Conductive Plastics are on the move and ElectriPlast is a driving force behind the technology. With the industry's largest patent portfolio spanning across multiple markets, we aim to provide an unwaivering committment to co-developing new applications with conductive plastic.

Integral Announces Launch of Hanwha L&C’s ElectriPlast® Line

ElectriPlast is the Leader in Conductive Plastic Development

ElectripPlast Pellets

ElectriPlast is a 100% conductive plastics company

Conductive plastics is all we do, know and focus. You can expect our complete commitment to the best performing and cost efficient conductive plastics on the market today.

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ElectriPlast's conductive plastic solution and Flexible Content Technology™ is designed to award you with the absolute competitive edge. Learn how we can provide you with lowest costs and higher performance in the industry.

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