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PolyOne and Integral Enter Into Exclusive License Agreement

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From gadgets to vehicles, ElectriPlast’s technology can help OEMs and suppliers design and manufacture lighter parts and products to reduce original weight by 60% using Flexible Content Technology to meet CAFÉ Standards.  Opportunities for metal replacement in a range of applications from wires and batteries to electronics, solar panels and aviation parts are wide and far-reaching.  With ElectriPlast’s innovation, overcoming corrosion and gaining accessibility to ensure multi materials body designs can be manufactured at efficient costs. 


ElectriPlast® with Flexible Content Technology™, is a family of non-corrosive, electrically-conductive resin-based materials whose properties allow it to be molded into any of the infinite shapes and sizes associated with plastics and rubbers, but which is as electrically conductive as if it were metal.

Multiple Innovation Strategies

Our vision at ElectriPlast is to be a leading innovator of electrically conductive resin to replace metal for multiple innovation strategies.  From shielding to batteries, ElectriPlast pellets can be fabricated into virtually any shape or dimension to replace metal parts to achieve weight, cost and production lead-time reduction.  A collaboration between technology and vision is not limited to just one product or approach. We work with our partners to successfully turn vision into reality.

Flexible Content Technology

As performance is always critical to our clients we spent years of research to identify not only what could be changed, but more importantly how to make those changes, without degrading resin properties, altering final product performance, and respecting budget requirements

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ElectriPlast engages in the discovery, development, and licensing of intellectual property rights for applications and uses of electrically conductive hybrid resins and composites.

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Exclusive license agreement announced February 26, 2018

Conductive Composites

MOU announced January 8, 2015

Hanwha Advanced Materials

License agreement announced June 2013

Delphi Automotive

Co-development agreement announced June 25, 2013

Chang Rim ENG Inc.

Prototype project announced 10-08-2014


Leddartech was announced March 2016

Karma Automotive

Karma was announced February 2017

Engineering and Design Support

Access advanced engineering support from concept to production. The ElectriPlast design team is committed to designing and delivering commercial products to fit our client’s vision and requirements.

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