Integral Technologies

An early pioneer in the conductive resin space, Integral Technologies’ research and later development of their patented resin technology is founded in the research of circuit board antenna technology for the low orbital satellite industry. Today, Integral continues to provide innovative solutions to a broad and diversified industry base worldwide.

Integral Technologies, Inc. through its wholly owned operating subsidiary Electriplast Corporation, engages in the discovery, development, commercialization and licensing of electrically conductive hybrid plastics products used primarily as raw materials in the production of industrial, commercial and consumer products and services worldwide. It operates in four segments; Aerospace & Defense, Transportation, Industrial Materials and Electronics. Integral’s core product line, ElectriPlast®, is a family of non-corrosive, electrically-conductive resin-based materials whose properties allow it to be molded into any of the infinite shapes and sizes associated with plastics and rubbers, but which is as electrically conductive as if it were metal while reducing component weight by 40 to 60%.

Integral’s extensive patent library has earned them recognition as “One of the 50 Best & Brightest Companies” by MBD Capital and is one of the most extensive intellectual property libraries in the conductive plastics space. Integral has been constantly innovating since filing its first patent application in December of 2002 for engineering a highly conductive plastic for antenna applications. Intellectual property holdings include patents covering Electriplast®, Integral’s line of non-corrosive, electrically-conductive resin-based materials, as well as patents specific to applications and components manufactured from electrically conductive resins.

Integral technologies was founded in 1996. Headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, Integral became publicly traded in 1997 under the stock symbol “ITKG”