PA66 with Stainless Steel Fiber

Molding Parameters for PA66 with Stainless Steel Fiber

ElectriPlast® EP-SS/66
Core Fibers: Stainless Steel Fiber
Base Resin: Polyamide 66 (66)

General Molding Set-Up Parameters for Electriplast

Resin Type Nylon PA
Grade PA6/6 HSL Heat Stabilized
Electriplast P/N 8425569
Lot #:


Nozzle Heater 550 °F
Front Zone 550 °F
Center Zone 530 °F
Rear Zone 540 °F


T1 5 Inject
T2 2 Pack
T3 30 Hold
T4 Cool


Injection Speed 1.0 in/sec
1st Stage Pressure 2400 psi
Pack Pressure 500 psi
Back Pressure 75 psi
Screw RPM 50 rpm
Decomposition .5 inch

Mold Temperature

Mode Auto
Stationary 170 °F
Moveable 170 °F
Dry Temperature 180
Dry Time 4

These general molding parameters are provided as exemplary or baseline values for molding Electriplast. These values were established by molding 48g plaques using an 85 ton Milacron machine with a 4.4 oz shot capacity. Adjustments may be necessary for each individual machine and product.

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