Engineering Team

Mr. Zeidan directs materials research, product development, design initiatives and the technical support team for Electriplast Corporation. Prior to joining ElectriPlast Mr. Zeidan was Chief Technology Officer of the Electrical Division for top Tier 1 automotive supplier Lear Corporation and later, the Director for Hybrid Engineering/Advanced Engineering/Systems Engineering for Lear. Mr. Zeidan has more than 25 years of senior engineering experience including leadership roles with United Technologies. He is a recognized industry innovator, holds 11 US Patents and has consulted for numerous automotive OEM’s and Suppliers.

Mr. Pavlovic is an industry leader in conductive plastic applications and a veteran of the automotive and aerospace industries with more than 34 years of experience in advanced engineering. Prior to ElectriPlast, he spent eight years at Lear Corporation serving as Vice President of Global High Voltage/High Power (HV/HP) Systems and Components, and made Lear a leader in the use of conductive plastics. Prior to Lear, Mr. Pavlovic was Director of Advanced Engineering at Amphenol Tuchel Electronics, and the Director of Advanced Engineering at FCI, a supplier of electronic and electrical interconnect systems. Mr. Pavlovic holds over 35 patents, including seven related to conductive plastics application. Mr. Pavlovic earned his BS and MS in Applied Physics.