Flexible Content Technology provides ability to precisely tune shielding and conductivity.

About FCT

Very early on in our research, one thing became clear; in the complex manufacturing process needed to produce reliable conductive pellets, there are very few processes which when changed, even in a small way, do not change the performance parameters of the final application.

As performance is always critical to our clients we spent years of research to identify not only what could be changed, but more importantly how to make those changes, without degrading resin properties, altering final product performance, and respecting budget requirements. Our resulting knowledge spawned the birth of Flexible Content Technology (FCT™), assuring you stability and maximum performance while respecting cost restrictions.





Integral’s ElectriPlast pellets are produced by extrusion that can then be fabricated into virtually any shape or dimension using low-cost capital investment: injection molding or further extrusion. This provides our customers an expeditious and economical process to have their product duplicated and manufactured.

Fast & Scalable

Using machinery that can be duplicated and scalable, current production rate can exceed 50,000 lbs. per month, providing our customers with the large scale production runs some of them may require. An ElecrtriPlast pellet can be manufactured within a week of receiving a customer’s product request.


Pellets can be customized for hot and cold resistivity, tensile strength, and electrical conductivity. Engineers on staff can assist customers to determine the best blend of metal fibers to meet their needs.


ElectriPlast® with Flexible Content Technology™, is a family of non-corrosive, electrically-conductive resin-based materials whose properties allow it to be molded into any of the infinite shapes and sizes associated with plastics and rubbers, but which is as electrically conductive as if it were metal.

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  • Cable Shielding
    Cable Shielding

    Cable Shielding

    ElectriPlast™’s exclusive Flexible Content Technology™ allows for the ability to tune shielding and conductivity properties directly to the application

  • Lightweighting


    Automakers can innovate new lightweight materials and integrate them into their vehicle designs. Reduce vehicle weight and improve fuel efficiency are just the beginning.

  • Manufacturing


    All the malleability of plastics and conductivity of metal in Electriplast’s conductive materials.

  • Consumer Electronics
    Consumer Electronics

    Consumer Electronics

    Customizable thermal performance with the features to be electrically insulative or conductive.

For information regarding anti-static and electro static discharge applications, please contact us at:

Frequently Asked Questions

How thin can ElectriPlast be molded while still retaining performance?

ElectriPlast has molded to thicknesses of less than 1mm, while exceeding performance criteria.

Are small quantities of ElectriPlast available for prototyping and testing?

Yes, we understand that customers will want to trial ElectriPlast in their applications to become familiar with how the materials can improve their applications. In addition to the materials, we provide data sheets and MSDS for each of our products, along with molding parameters to ensure users achieve the optimal result.

Is engineering and design support available through ElectriPlast?

Yes, through our Tech Center in Detroit, MI we offer state of the art engineering and design support that help our customers expedite their product development cycle from product concept to launch. We have the expertise to assist on a consultative or on a turnkey basis depending on the needs of each customer.

Does ElectriPlast provide molding services?

We do not offer molding services, however, we provide technical assistance an any molding issues you may have. We can also refer you to molders that have experience in molding ElectriPlast.

Is special equipment required when molding or manufacturing with ElectriPlast?

Our materials were engineered to be used in standard molding machines, including injection molders and extruders without the need for any special equipment or modification.